I’m S1D3. What’s your learning strategy? (Steps in Accelerated Learning, pt. 1)

Would you like to accelerate your learning and skill acquisition?  This includes physical skills, as well as academic knowledge.

If you are an experienced martial artist, you know that skill development can be a long, and often laborious, project.  How many times did you kick the heavy bag before you final learned how to move the bag, rather than lose your balance?  And, how long did it take for you to finally figure out how to execute that throw effectively against all attackers?

If you are an instructor, how many students have you watched struggling to grasp the essence of a technique, and not just the motions?  And, how many good students dropped out because they felt stuck?  Be honest.  It’s easy to find other reasons for losing students.  But, the reality is that learning a martial art takes a lot of time, work and discipline —  something many people lack.  So, they lose interest and leave.

It’s easy to shrug our shoulders and say, “They weren’t cut out to be black belts.”  That may be true.  But, it is equally possible, that they might have been successful if the process was tweaked just a little.  How might their lives be different if you had been able to guide them to quicker successes in learning?

There are simple steps that can have vast impacts.  This is the first in a series on this topic. This is a video version of an article at ToolsForTheJourney.com, if you want more detail.

About the Author Dale

I have 60 years training in martial arts, and am still learning. I am a certified instructor in 4 systems of Aikido, having achieved the highest rank by examination, as well as black belt in other arts. My training included in depth study into energy systems, healing systems, and other esoteric aspects. My experience includes professional counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, and teacher. I am the head of Tamashi Jitsu, and the National Director for KJWA, USA and for Hungary.

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