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Hello and welcome to the new U.S. branch of Kyushojitsu World Alliance! I just want to make a brief post to let everyone know what we are about, and our plans for the future.

First of all, kyushojitsu, for those who do not know "kyusho" refers to "vital points" of the human anatomy corresponding to those used in traditional Chinese medicine. These points lie over vulnerable blood vessels, nerve clusters, and weak points in the musculoskeletal system. "Jitsu" simply means "techniques" or refined skills. Kyushojitsu is a scientific approach to martial arts which utilizes medical knowledge of the body and its systems to neutralize a threat with minimal effort.

Chinese martial arts have "qin na" and "dian xue" which utilize the same underlying knowledge. These are not arts in and of themselves, but aspects of certain styles such as ying jow pai (eagle claw) and bai he quan (white crane). The legendary "Wubei Zhi" (bubishi) nicknamed "The Bible of Karate" contains much of this knowledge as well.

Simply put; kyushojitsu it the Japanese term for the underlying technology which accounts for many of the "secrets" behind various martial arts. Our first goal is to bring this knowledge into the open, refine and advance the art through pressure testing, and dispel the myths surrounding this controversial and misunderstood system of self defense.

We are in the process of trying to raise money to establish a brick and mortar studio in the Memphis area. This space will be used to train new students as well as allowing graduates of KJWA's correspondence courses to practice and refine the art with fellow enthusiasts. We will encourage members with backgrounds in other arts to share knowledge and experience to see how kyusho may apply and stand up against other fighting styles.

In short, our model is something of a hybrid martial arts school/club, more akin to the way traditional martial arts are practiced and developed in the Eastern world.

I, the Southern regional director for KJWA - USA, happen to be intersex, and I do not hide this fact. Assigned "male" at birth, I identify as female, so I am also "transgender" though technically speaking there was no "transition" in my case. Intersex people are among the most marginalized minorities in the world. I didn't even know I was intersex until I was an adult, so growing up was extremely confusing for me, and I was abused and bullied a lot... Martial arts saved me, both by giving me a means to protect myself, and by helping me to overcome the trauma of my childhood while cultivating balance and peace of mind.

Because I have personally experienced the difficulties of being "queer" in a community that can feel hostile, or at least uncomfortable for such individuals, I aim to make our studio a "safe space" for all LGBTQIA people. No gendered spaces, no judgment, no fear. We are a severely underserved community, which is sad because we are among those who need this knowledge most. With sufficient funding and support, that is going to change!

As a certified yoga instructor, and holistic healer with over 20 years experience, I will also offer those services on off days and between classes. These skills will also be taught should sufficient interest be expressed. We aren't trying to corner the market here. Our ultimate goal is to produce not only knowledgeable students, but also teachers who can go forth and spread this knowledge, preserving it for future generations. here...

About the Author Rae Heskett

Born intersex, assigned "male" at birth, but her femininity was obvious as she developed. Ergo, Rae is both "intersex" and "transgender" in that her gender does not match that assigned at birth. She identifies as "hijra" or "kathoey" -words from Hindi and Thai languages respectively for "third gender" people. Rae is an author, holistic healer, and martial artist. She teaches and provides services professionally.

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